Reparation's Argument

Atlanta's Black Wall Street

October 4, 2020

Since the slave were freed in 1865, we've been battling the 500 year argument on whether blacks are owed reoperations. Other ethic groups have received compensation for their oppressions. Why is always a problem when we ask for it?

The U.S. government paying out large amounts of wealth is not a radical idea. They have done it on multiple occasions. As well as other nations for the atrocities that they have committed. Why hasn't the U.S. Government been held accountable for what they have done to Blacks for 400 years? America is one of the greatest countries in the world, but it is also one of the most racist and hypocritical counties in the world. Those three facts aren't mutually exclusive. "Land of the free and home of the brave?" Well, this one important fact still exist, it's hard to participate in a capitalistic society without CAPITAL! And, they know this, man. Pay us what we are owed which is about 15 Trillion USD! If you are against reparation's, the you have to be for a group of people working for 400 years and not being compensated for it. If that's your logic, then your kids and grandchildren can come work for me for free.

Check the laws, codes of conducts, and policies that have been enacted throughout history:

Southern Slave Holders: The Compensated Emancipated Act of 1862 paid slave owners $300 per slave freed. (approx. $7,720 in 2020)

Native Americans: The Indian Treaty of 1865

Japan: Point Four Program

Germany: Marshall Plan

Jews: billions to German Holocaust survivors

Japanese Americans: billions in reparation's for WW2,to%20%24300%20for%20each%20freeperson.