Atlanta's Black Wall Street

thedirect response to Injustice and systematic racism!
Demand your reparations!

"Ethno-aggregation is best defined as the voluntary concentration of individuals and their resources around their ethnic or language commonalities for the purpose of improving their economic and political competitiveness. The culture of these groups emphasizes that members rally around common characteristics or attributes (ethno) in order to pool their resources (aggregation) and compete with non-group members." - Dr. Claud Anderson

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Step 1

Buy the products and services that you would buy anyways, but find a Black Owned Business that makes it.

Step 2

Those Black Owned Businesses hire black employees, invest in other black business and communities, and also buy black.

Step 3

Foundational Black American's "Gentrify" their OWN communities.

Step 4

Climb the soci-economic ladder in order to influence politics.

Step 5

Pass wealth & wisdom down to children and repeat steps 1-4.
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