If You Love Us, Pay Us: A letter from Sean Combs to Corporate America

P. Diddy

April 10, 2021

Puff Daddy steps up to the front lines of Economic Warfare

Sean Combs (P. Diddy) has created a letter that highlights the stingy spending habits of General Motors. He argues that both public and private sectors of our economy exploits the Black Community and does not commit any reciprocity to our people. Diddy highlights that 2019, corporations spent $239 billion in adverting dollars and less than 1%, totaling $10 million, in the Black community. If they were to proportionally distributed 13% of that money to our people, they would be spending $300 million dollars to 55 million people. GM also makes Cadillac, and Chevrolets if you weren't aware. We're calling for a BOYCOTT on these companies. We must operate on a Quid-Quo-Prop basis. If you want us to do something for you, you must do something for us. Imagine if someone owes you $420, but they only give you $10 dollars. If you don't feel disrespected, then we have bigger problems to solve. We need access to capital not charity. Our Black celebrities should create an investment fund were entrepreneur can acquire low interest loans in order to build our communities. It's unfortunate that we don't have any Black Owned Car Companies. Please, calling my Black Elon Musks, Black Henry Fords, celebrities and Black Visionaries, pursue your dreams and develop a car company for us to invest in!

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” - Desmond Tutu